About Sikerma

Shenzhen Sikerma Technology Co.,Ltd. is a original manufacturer of shoe cover dispenser,shoe film dispenser,special shoe cover and shoe film roll . We have been developing,producing and selling for almost 20 year. Among the fellow factories of the products,Sikerma is constantly offering better quality and services,and growing up steadily. During deleloping,we are trying to design the economical products according to customers’ needs and achieve a great many positive feedbacks from customers around the world.

The History Of Sikerma:

Founded in 2004,at the Shenzhen CHINA HI-TECH FAIR,we presented the SK-A series economical model shoe cover dispenser and the SK-CA Intelligent model shoe cover dispenser. With the reliable quality,our products drew a lot of attentions from the Chinese and foreign customers,and signed many order contracts.

2005,Novermber,SK-CA improved model SK-CB presented.

2006,Developed the SK-D model with aluminum alloy shell,which is much safer and more elegant.We improved the inconveniences of installation of the SK-A series,and made it simpler and safer.

2007,April,Opened the shoe cover factory in Anhui and Hubei province,started producing on July,mainly for the SK-D model. All the shoe cover factory are uniquely supplied for Shenzhen company.All the products have to pass to test in Shenzhen factory,by that,we save the cost of the rental and also make sure the quality of the products because of the high stanard and demanding in Shenzhen city.

2009,Most economical and stable shoe cover dispenser SK-CH presented.

2010,March,Developing the newest intelligent shoe polishing machine.That model had overthrown all the operation methods in the market.With consideration of the automation and multifunction of the machine and the profit of the business,till September 2010,Shoe polishing machine presented.

2011,December,First new model shoe polishing machine was exported to India,more orders coming from many countries.

2012,Signed the Exclusive Russian Distributor contract with Russian customer.

2014,Started developing and testing the SK-CL & SK-CM series,based on some feedbacks from the customers:
1,Smaller feet can not wear the shoe cover perfectly or get stucked.
2,The grapples travels back and forth in the pedal whole,it might hurt the users’ ankles.
3,High shoe cover releasing rates.
4,develop better special shoe cover,make sure the users dont use the bad quality shoe cover to damage the shoe cover dispenser.

After almost 1 year,2015,With a lots of Utility model patent certificates by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C,SK-CL & SK-CM series presented,they are now the most perfect and reliable shoe cover dispenser in China and the whole world.
Right adays,SK-CL & SK-CM series are still our Best Sellers.

2019,For some household users and office users,we presented the SK-CS series models,with smaller volume and more intelligent software. Also,the well folded shoe cover in the box,save much shipping cost.

2020,In order to satisfy customers needs,we started to develop the shoe film dispenser.After two years designing and more than 10 thousands times testing,we presented you the newest Shoe Film Dispenser.

Our Achievements:
Till February 2022,Sikerma has a Trademark Registration Form.
20 Utility model patent certificates.
8 Software Copyright Registration Certificates.
12 CE Certificates.
And other patents and certificates applying.

Till December 2021,Sikerma has more than 500 distributors and 120,000 retail customers in China,and more than 80 countries across the world,such as Russia,Korea,India,USA,Germany,Turkey,Iran,Italy,Vietnam,Romania,Saudi Arabia etc.

Our Development Direction:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As the old saying goes “After learning knowledge, one’s specialty may be different.” Sikerma have been devoted to developing our own strengths and advantages. We keep pursuing remarkably,striving for perfection. Our main future goal is still on the shoe cover dispenser and shoe cover,shoe film dispenser and shoe film. We would constantly develop the newer and better products to satisfy all the Sikerma partners.

Exhibitions and Shows:

2004.Shenzhen,CHINA HI-TECH FAIR.
2006,Shenzhen,CHINA HI-TECH FAIR.
2008,Guangzhou,The China Import and Export Fair.
2015,Shenzhen,South China electron Exhibition.
2016,Shenzhen,CHINA HI-THEH FAIR.
2016,Guangzhou,The China Import and Export Fair.
2017,Guangzhou,The China Import and Export Fair.
2018,Shenzhen,CHINA HI-THEH FAIR.
Guangzhou,The China Import and Export Fair.
2019,Guangzhou,The China Import and Export Fair.

Due to the Pendemic,our company hasn’t been attending any exhibitions or Fair since 2019,we have booked the PHARMCHIAN,which will be held in Shanghai from 14th -16th April 2022,hopefully we can meet there.