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About Us

About Sikerma

Shenzhen Sikerma Technology Co.,Ltd. is a original manufacturer of shoe cover dispenser,shoe film dispenser,special shoe cover and shoe film roll . We have been developing,producing and selling for almost 20 year. Among the fellow factories of the products,Sikerma is constantly offering better quality and services,and growing up steadily. During deleloping,we are trying to design the economical products according to customers’ needs and achieve a great many positive feedbacks from customers around the world.

Our Achievements:
Till February 2022,Sikerma has a Trademark Registration Form.
20 Utility model patent certificates.
8 Software Copyright Registration Certificates.
12 CE Certificates.
And other patents and certificates applying.

Till December 2021,Sikerma has more than 500 distributors and 120,000 retail customers in China,and more than 80 countries across the world,such as Russia,Korea,India,USA,Germany,Turkey,Iran,Italy,Vietnam,Romania,Saudi Arabia etc.

Our Development Direction:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               As the old saying goes “After learning knowledge, one’s specialty may be different.” Sikerma have been devoted to developing our own strengths and advantages. We keep pursuing remarkably,striving for perfection. Our main future goal is still on the shoe cover dispenser and shoe cover,shoe film dispenser and shoe film. We would constantly develop the newer and better products to satisfy all the Sikerma partners.